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On this page there will be a series of brief articles about guitars, tips and tricks, guitar accessories, effects units, home recording, music software, etc.


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Jazz Guitar Lesson Chord Melody (YouTube Video)

A guitar lesson to explain and demonstrate Jazz Guitar Chord Melody technique.

A Flamenco Guitar lesson by Emz
Solea Falseta (YouTube Video)

In this lesson Emz explains and teaches a basic Solea Falseta. Please note that this short video does not cover all the techniques needed to play this falseta. Emz will give a more thorough explanation during the one-on-one Skype guitar lessons available on

One Finger Rasgueado explained and taught (YouTube Video)

A guitar lesson for strumming technique using one finger This video will teach you the one finger rasgueado technique which is used by flamenco guitarists.

Choosing a guitar to suit your style

Choosing a guitar to suit your style. This brief article, illustrates the main differences between guitars. It will help beginners choose a guitar suitable for the style of music they wish to play. The article discusses acoustic and electric guitars and the differences between nylon and steel string guitars.

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