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After the free introductory Skype guitar lesson, am I under any obligation to have more lessons?
Not at all. The introductory free guitar lesson is completely FREE, with no obligation.

If I take a guitar lesson or two, and then decide to quit, is there a penalty for doing so?
No. Students may take as many Skype guitar lessons as they want; there is no minimum number of guitar lessons required.

If I buy some guitar lessons in advance, and then decide to quit before I finish, do I get a refund for the unused guitar lessons?
Yes. A full refund will be issued for the remaining lessons.

Is it possible to cancel or reschedule a guitar lesson?
Yes. However you will need to give me at least 12 hours notice or a fee of US$ 10.00 will apply.

Will I receive any materials for the lessons?
Yes. After each Skype lesson, I will send you an audio recording of the exercises and a PDF.

Can I have my Skype guitar lessons using one of the guitar methods available in the market?
Yes. Normally I design a specific guitar teaching program tailored to each student’s needs. However if you prefer a certain method, I can use it to teach you.