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Free guitar resources in Adobe pdf format available here. New materials will be added regularly, so please check often.


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Guitar for Kids

A collection of popular children's songs and teaching materials suitable for teaching guitar to young kids.
These colourful illustrated Pdfs will encourage young children to learn guitar.

Tabs explanation basic
Guitar frets & string names
Twinkle twinkle little star
The farmer in the dell
Mary had a little lamb
Humpty dumpty
Happy and you know it
P finger style guitar playing
PI finger style guitar playing

Guitar General

A collection of valuable guitar materials that will help you in your guitar learning journey.
You can always try some of the materials from the Guitar for Kids section - this can be a lot of fun for beginners

Chords template A4
Guitar frets & string names
Guitar tabs template
6_2 Major scale shape
Chord explanation & finger labelling
Music staff notes on the guitar